Courtesy of Gaylord Mink
MVTV Production Van Services: What We Do
  • MVTV Video Production
  • Private, Business and Community in House production and production on location.
  • Rates for Event Coverage, Grant Projects, Training Videos, Remote Productions and more.
  • Digital Video Recording Services
  • Studio Recording
  • Production Assistance
  • Director - Production Assistant - Production Coordinator
  • Editing Facilities (with or without editor)
  • Non-linear Editing
  • You can rent our facilities for one half or full day
  • Field Shoot
  • Single Camera Field Shoot or multi-Camera
  • Multi-Camera shoot may be switched live and recorded on location
  • Remote Productions
  • Order Duplications:
    MVTV will duplicate video tapes, DVD's, 3/4", MiniDV, High 8, and other formats if you have the electronics.. $15.00 plus tax for a DVD copy or digital file. Copyrighted material will not be duplicated without written consent. Copies of programs shown on MVTV may be duplicated with the producers consent.
If you don't see it here, let us know: We can customize our packages to serve your needs.